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How do I join the VIP forum?


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Vip members have access to the Script Sharing forum, where discussions are only visible to paid users. The current price for a VIP access is only 2.99 US$. This is a one-time fee, and it gives you permanent access to the VIP forums. It is not a recurring monthly charge.

Members can purchase a "VIP Membership" from the Account Upgrades page which is accessed via the link in the sidebar on your account page, or from the dropdown menu under your user name on the navigation bar.


If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please contact us at scriptdrive87@gmail.com
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So, I've not been in the script loop for a bit because I took a break to get another venture started, but now I'm working my way back, and have noticed a lot of changes here. There's no longer the TMDB link deal, when making new posts, there's no longer a request forum, and there's no longer a VIP forum. So, does that mean anything is allowed in the normal area now? Or is there a secret forum for VIP stuff that I'm missing? And any chance we'll get the TMDB link stuff back? I really liked it, it made things a lot cleaner looking, and made it easier to find a movie, etc.